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La Petite France

Traditional Hand-made French Brie & Camembert

The only hand-made French Brie and Camembert that you can buy in South Africa All ingredients (culture, paper, rennet) imported from France except for the milk. Paper is specially made to allow the cheese to breathe and to prevent the build up of ammonia.

Uses vegetable rennet so suitable for vegetarians. Hand-made in Hilton near Pietermaritzburg.Best of both worlds – authentic French recipe and culture but locally made – local is lekker

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Guernsey Cow Milk

The A2 Milk Shop is at 49A Main Road , Vredenburg. Tel No 0227131846

The Dairy Shop is at 12 Bergh Street , Saldanha. Tel No 0227144870

Full cream milk ( pastuerised)can be bought in bulk per litre in your own container.

Full cream milk is also available in 5L, 2L. 1L and 500ml

Full cream amazi is available in the same packaging.

The milk is “as is” in its natural form with an average of 4.5% butterfat and 3.6% A2 protein. It not standardised as all milk sold in the supermarkets.

Cream cheese,mozzarella, and feta cheese are also available and made with full cream milk.

Yoghurt is available in its natural form with no stabilizers/sugars added.

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Natural Fynbos Honey

Not irradiated is also available. Kindly note that the law forbids the sale of raw honey; that is honey that has pieces of wax and the residue of bee bodies in it to the public. It has to be filtered. We are finding that people keep on requesting RAW honey but it is illegal to sell it. My honey is natural but has been through 11 sieves to remove any residue.