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Living a Paleo lifestyle takes us back to when early man was a hunter gatherer. Living off the land and what was to be found in his or her immediate surroundings. All foods were in there natural state and not loaded with preservative or additives. Paleo Living takes us back to a period when man was healthy being devoid of the modern stresses that govern our current daily lives.

Today we are bombarded with produce and products that are mass produced, and given additives to enhance flavour, genetically modified and has an extended shelf life. Fast food is easily accessible and we eat on the run and in front of the TV or at our desk in front of the PC/Laptop. The more intelligent man has become the more complex the food. Sugar/carbohydrates are the quick energy boost contained in food. We are living in a time when instant takes too long; time is something we don’t have enough of. Heart attacks, obesity, diabetes type 2; cancer is becoming common in our new families and amongst our friends.

Health priority, is now spending time exercising, jogging, running, cycling, and swimming, yet people are still prone to everyday ills. Exercise alone cannot cure your body it is time to look at what we eat.

The modern food with the advancements in technology has made our food difficult for our bodies to digest.

The Paleo Lifestyle recommends foods that are used by the body more efficiently giving the body long lasting energy and aids in the burning of fat.Paleo Living South Africa


Please bear in mind that we are not qualified to give advice on medical or nutrition issues. We are merely sharing our personal journey. Before starting anything new it’s always advisable to consult with a professional practitioner.