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Having a lie in one Saturday morning enjoying the cool breeze and listening to the radio,( we have been experiencing temperatures of up to 48°C.) the subject was health and fitness, not of much interest to me so carried on reading (Game of Thrones part 1) two words grabbed my attention Diabetes and weight loss. I am a type 2, insulin dependent, battling with weight and sugar level controls. The words Paleo and Tim Noakes registered. After my usual breakfast of bran, 2% Milk, low GI toast with fish paste and Tea with artificial sweetener and a 14 unit jab of insulin it was upstairs to the office and onto the internet.

Search Paleo…

A whole new world opened up.

After reading tons of material with the majority coming out of Australia/UK and Canada.

Found some very interesting recipes on the internet and that’s how it all began…..

I have never been able to diet as most times the recipes are boring and filled with ingredients that I don’t like. The discipline also not there. So my journey began with no expectations. Was about to go up to Gauteng for a company conference where it would all fall apart.

At conference stuck to the rules as best I could and found it relatively easy after chatting to the F&B manager who did not know Paleo but was willing to prepare something other than what was available if need be.

Paleo Living weight loss

I was injecting myself as usual with my insulin before my meals but my eating now being Low Carb, High Protein (Paleo). My sugar levels dropped very low. Did a quick dive into the hot chocolate and Brown sugar in the room and had some 70% dark chocolate with me, soon back to normal.

Next meal adjusted accordingly, sugar levels still low.

Kept adjusting dosage with each meal.

I am currently 23kg lighter, my skin (psoriasis) is clearer and has a silky feel to the touch.

The leap into the Paleo world has been incredible for many reasons. This journey has been shared with my partner who’s needs were very different to mine.

Our weight loss has been greater on my side than Nicky who did not have the same body weight or health issues as I did. I am currently at 82kg down from 105ish I hate to admit I was more on the upper part of ish than the lower.

The beginning was hell, Detox headache, flu like symptoms with an upset stomach to put it mildly and I had to pee a lot. Had to keep reducing the insulin intake. What kept me going, the food was great. “I live to eat” and I could see the belly going down.

Two of my favourite reasons for being overweight were,

“it’s an insulin belly”


“ever since I stopped smoking (60 a day) I have picked up weight that’s normal.”

Do I feel better healthier, most definitely?

Do I look better that goes without saying?

I have reduced my medication, no longer using injected insulin. Still taking oral but I believe I can change this in time.

What I have done suited me and do not believe that you should follow suit without the guidance/supervision of your doctor and or dietician.

I have had both.

Along your journey, as with anything different you will come up against those that will support you.

You will have the doubters, the “it is not healthy group”, the fanatics in both directions, it’s not possible fat makes you fat, and my favourite “I am so over weight.. WHAT give up bread NEVER”?

Just as important as what you feed your body, feed your mind as well, looking at the whole of you existence.

  • Spend at least 15minutes ever day in the sun.
  • Take an air bath in the garden if you can. (scare the hell out of the neighbours) Take a loufah with you and get rid of those dead cells before taking a shower.
  • Spend time with the family and that does not mean watching TV together.
  • Believe in something, starting with yourself.
  • Get at least 8 hours sleep per night.
  • There is nothing wrong with taking a power nap.
  • Get some exercise. Start slow and build up your strength.
  • Find time for yourself.
  • Believe in yourself.
  • Do it for you, not for what other people think of you.
  • Don’t take life to seriously, take what you do seriously.

Achieve real health by eating correctly

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Please bear in mind that we are not qualified to give advice on medical or nutrition issues. We are merely sharing our personal journey. Before starting anything new it’s always advisable to consult with a professional practitioner.